Experience wellness with the Meditation on Twin Hearts.

Easy to learn

It’s a guided meditation for 22 minutes.

Feel Good

Bliss and calmness in a short time.

Be Positive

Experience immense positive energy.


Learn Meditation on Twin Hearts

Twin Hearts Meditation is a simple, yet effective 22 minutes guided meditation, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui which helps to regulate the body and mind to gain benefits like calmness, stillness, bliss and peace. In this state the mind and body are relaxed, our ability to draw in life-force increases substantially. The optimal level of energy flow in the body flushes out diseased and used up energy which in turn increases our immunity, thereby allowing us to remain healthy.

The meditation on Twin hearts , when practiced by large number of people , can also miraculously heal the entire earth , thereby making the earth more harmonious and peaceful - GMCKS AOHS.

HOPE SHINE is a global project under World Pranic Healing Foundation , India to take it to every household ,helping raise the vibration of humanity with peace and compassion.

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Please contact us for organising twin heart meditation at your place ( home , offices , school or college ) in any language ( hindi , English or Bengali). Email:

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Problems Meditation on Twin Hearts Solves

Here's a list of why you should do it.

  • Problems

  • High Stress and Anxiety attacks

  • Decreased Energy levels

  • Health issues triggered by stress

  • Pent up emotions leading to unhappiness

Meditation on Twin Hearts
  • Solutions

  • Induces calmess, peace and stillness

  • Increases immunity and energy levels

  • Reduces pain and induces relaxation

  • Increases feelings of love and harmony

Research Study

Here are some published articles which prove the effectiveness of MTH

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Mitigation of perceived stress and enhancement of quality of life among female adolescents using MTH.

Meditation on Twin Hearts

What Science Tells Us About Meditation on Twin Hearts and our Brain.

Meditation on Twin Hearts

The Impact of Meditation on Twin Hearts on Psychological Functioning and Quantitative EEG.

Meditation on Twin Hearts

The neurophysiological, psychological, sociological and psychospiritual effects of the MTH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

How do I learn Meditation on Twin Hearts?

Please visit a Pranic Healing Centre closest to you to learn the meditation.

Is it open to all age groups?

Only above 16 yrs can do this meditation.

Is there been any research on the effectiveness of THM?

Read our research study on the links provided on this page.

What does Twin Hearts mean?

Twin Hearts refer to the two Chakras i.e. Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra of our Body, which we should meditate on.

Can it be done at home?

Yes, once you know the procedure, you can do it at home.

When not to do Meditation on Twin Hearts?

Do not listen to this recording while driving or doing any activity that requires substantial attention.

How to do the Meditation on Twin Hearts?

It is a guided meditation in the voice of GMCKS, which you can easily follow. If not, you can contact a Pranic Healing Centre near you or a trainer for the same.

If the CD is available online?

CD is available on the link in the page below or you can contact the Pranic Healing Centre for the same.


Have a sneak peak to what the MTH is all about.


Don’t take our word. See what meditators said about this meditation.

To experience love and the magic of the Meditation on Twin Hearts, is a gift you give yourself. As the love grows in your life, deep contentment follows and that is the most wonderful blessing.

Mekhla Muttoo

I am so glad to share that I took a Challenge of doing Twin Hearts Meditation for “Two Continuous Years” without a miss. And I am so grateful to “Master Choa Kok Sui” to have been able to do the “Twin Hearts Mediation Everyday” and my life changed 360 degrees. My last two years have been full of emotional, mental and physical turmoil and the mediation on Twin Hearts gave me that internal power to fight out difficult times and overcome my own internal and external obstacles.

Isha Makkar


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