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As social beings, relationships are an integral part of who we are, be it with family, spouse, children, friends or colleagues. Have you ever observed that there are some people that make you feel positive and nice whenever you meet them? Have you also noticed that some people have you feel low and upset? The reasons that this happens is because all relationships are finally based on an exchange of energy given. Even thoughts and emotions are energy. Hence whatever you say, think or feel about a person also has a tendency to affect the other person (and hence the relationship with the other person). All relationships are based on Energy.

Relationship Healing


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Problems Relationship Healing Solves

Here's a list of why you should do it.

  • Problems - Questions

  • Negative emotions for Spouse

  • Strained relations with Family and friends

  • Unhappy relationship with children

  • Anger & deep rooted grudges

Relationship Healing
  • Solutions - Answers

  • Power of healing to flush out negativity

  • Techniques to fill chakras with positivity

  • Meditation to improve Heart Connection

  • Know powerful technique of forgiveness

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

What is relationship healing? Can it help me have a good relation with my spouse?

Relationship Healing is an unique technique by GMCKS to heal any strained or bitter relationships with positive energy. If all the guidance during healing are followed diligently , chances of your relationship being back to normal is almost sure.

I have a difficult relationship with my child, he is aggressive and rude. Can healing help?

Yes, relationship healing focuses on those negative energies and chakras which needs to be healed for the relationship between 2 people to become positive.

I am not able to have a stable relationship as I cannot handle my anger. Can Pranic help?

Sure it can. Pranic Healing has powerful techniques to help you manage and regulate your anger for you to be calm and patuent in any situation

How will relationship healing take place?

It can take place in person or even distantly. You need to contact a Pranic Healing centre near your location

What is the duration of the Healing?

That depends on the analysis of the healer and on the intensity of the issue. Healing duration is different for each individual

Who will do the healing?

Authorized certified Pranic Healers do relationship healings

What is the cost of relationship healing?

The cost varies according to the duration for which the healing is required. You can contact a Pranic Healing centre near you for the estimate


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One of the toughest phases in my life came shortly after my marriage. For some reason I had a really bad relationship with my mother-in-law. I was advised to do Meditation on the Twin Hearts and to bless and forgive my mother-in-law. Initially I was skeptical, but given that I was desperate I decided to give it a shot. And slowly but gradually things did start changing. I kept at it. It took months – but I can say for sure that I have been able to successfully normalize my relationship with my mother-in-law. Today, not only are we civil, but we are actually friends. gradually I also started realizing that my reactions towards my mother-in-law were far from ideal. There were a large number of situations which I hadn’t handled well (possibly was to do with my immaturity levels when I was younger). There were also faults at my end – which I had the realization to rectify. Really thankful to have access to teachings that helped me put a turbulent part of life behind me.


“My life is forever changed because of Pranic Healing. It all started about 3 years ago when a healer gave me a pro-bono session. For this session she focused on anger and I couldn’t believe the results. In one session I went from being very reactive to virtually free of anger. Within a very short period of time my life changed remarkably! I am incredibly happy I found Pranic Healing.”


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