Garma C. Chang

The Chinese Buddhist scholar Professor Garma C. C. Chang (1920-1988) was one of the few pioneering scholars who introduced Buddhism to the West primarily through the publication of books and his illustrious teaching career as a professor. He was an authority on Buddhist philosophy and was best known as an editor and translator of the teachings and practice of Tibetan tantra along with Zen Buddhism. Chang’s aim was to introduce people to vital books on achieving Buddhahood through strict Zen meditation or via esoteric tantric meditative techniques. Zhang Chengji especially in the west Known as Garma CC Chang, was an important Buddhist scholar and philosopher . In his English-language books, Zhang translated and explained Chinese and Tibetan texts, In the translation of a poem by Chan master Hongzhi Zhengjue. Zhang writes: “All words are forgotten in silence and in serenity; It appears brilliantly clear and full of life before you. "