Goswami Kriyananda

Kriyananda (born James Donald Walters; May 19, 1926, Azuga – April 21, 2013, Assisi) was a direct disciple of the yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, and the founder of Ananda, a worldwide movement of spiritual intentional communities based on Yogananda's World Brotherhood Colonies ideal. Sri Goswami has been guiding seekers along the path toward enlightenment for over 65 years. He teaches the ageless wisdom of Kriya Yoga with warm humor and deep mystical understanding, offering you a system of experiencing a transformation in consciousness, which enriches your life on every level: spiritually, mentally and physically. ?Sri Goswami Kriyananda has inspired thousands of awaken their mind to knowledge, their hearts to kindness and their lives to service. An internationally known author, he has written over a dozen books and produced an extensive library of lectures, seminars, and courses on Kriya Yoga, the doctrine of karma, astrology, yogic philosophy and mysticism.