Experiencing Being - Golden Lotus Sutras

The Golden Lotus Sutras of Master Choa Kok Sui is a set of 7 books containing quotes and teachings by him on various topics. They were compiled over a period of 9 years and are a tremendous source of guidance and inspiration to many. (The books can be purchased and read separately - they do not need to be read in any sequence.)

Some beautiful GMCKS quotes from Experiencing Being.


Life is governed by cycles, by change. Sometimes you are up. Sometimes you are down.


Show loving kindness to others and be kind to yourself.


Show loving kindness to others and be kind to yourself.


You will be tested again and again until the lesson has been learnt


How do you handle people who are a pain in the neck?


No matter how sweet or wonderful your beloved is, there will always be shortcomings. Roses always come with thorns. Be happy!


Family life is one of the fastest ways to spiritual development. Inevitably, there is relationship friction. You develop self-sacrifice, self – control, patience, flexibility, and tolerance.


Learn to forgive, forgive and forgive!


Love is the food that makes your soul grow.

Sacred Sex

Orgasm is the closest thing to bliss that an ordinary person can have.


To die is to be born. With death comes freedom!


The key to World Peace is to teach people to think for themselves and to use discernment.

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