How To Reach Ashram


Nive village, Mulshi,
Pune - 411 016,Maharashtra.

The Arhatic Yoga Ashram is located at a distance of 230 Kilometers from Mumbai and about 70 Kilometers from Pune. Pune is a historic city in the state of Maharashtra and is about 180 Kilometers from Mumbai. Pune is well connected by air, train and road.

Taxi Services

Visitors can avail of taxi service from Pune to the Ashram and back. The Ashram arranges to receive visitors at the airport or railway / bus station. The visitor has to inform the travel details in advance so that the taxis can be arranged. At present, the taxi charges from Pune to Ashram are Rs. 2000 - 2500 for one way drop at the Ashram. The charges of taxi for receiving the visitors at Mumbai are Rs. 4000 -4500 and the visitors can travel from Mumbai to Ashram. The taxis can carry 4 – 5 persons and the cost can be shared by the persons traveling together. When there are less then 4 – 5 persons, the cost to individuals will rise proportionately. During events, the Ashram tries to put 4 – 5 persons in one taxi, but this cannot be guaranteed, as there will be participants arriving at different times at different places.

How to avail of Taxi Services

The mails for arranging the transport should be sent to and the visitor should inform – name /s of the visitor, date of reaching Pune / Mumbai, expected time of arrival, train / flight number, name of the carrier and a mobile number which can be accessed by the Ashram for informing the driver details. Just before reaching Pune, the visitor shall be informed by SMS, the name of the driver and his mobile number so that contact can be made. In case of persons not having access to mobile, the visitor should contact the Ashram help line for assistance. The driver will be holding a placard with the name of the Ashram for identification.

Bus Services

From Swar Gate Bus station in Pune, the State Transport has two buses during the day which go to the Ashram Gate directly. The journey requires about 3 hours and the bus timings are:
9.30 am – Swar Gate to Vaduste can be taken to reach the Ashram directly.
2.30 pm – Swar gate to Telbail also takes the visitors to the Ashram gate.

In addition to these, there are several other buses to reach village Nive, but these buses will not reach the Ashram Gate. .These buses enter the Konkan region and go towards Dive / Mahad / Shrivardhan. The bus route passes through Pirangut, Paud, Mulshi and reaches the village Nive. The visitor should alight at village Nive bus stop and the Ashram is located about 3 Kilometers from this bus stop. All these buses leave from Swar Gate bus station. From Nive village to the Ashram is a distance of 3 Kms, of which the last kilometer is an upward climb in the ghat section. Those traveling by these buses should inform the Ashram management in advance, so that the Ashram can try to arrange to receive them at Nive bus stop. Persons traveling by bus are advised to travel as light as possible. Further, if it is not possible to receive the visitors at Nive, these persons will have to walk the distance of 3 Kilometers. The visitors are advised not to take buses reaching Nive after sunset as there are no hotels / lodges in Nive. Further, after sunset it will be difficult for the Ashram to arrange to receive the visitors. The visitors should also note, that after crossing Mulshi, the visitor will be not be in the range of mobile towers and will have to rely on land lines where available.The visitors from Mumbai / Nasik who would like to come by bus, may reach Swar Gate before the above time and avail the bus service.

Return Journey from Ashram to Pune/Mumbai

For return journeys, the participants should inform the Ashram office to arrange the taxis. The taxi has to travel from Pune to Ashram for making the pick up and hence the information should be given at least two days in advance. The charges of 1800 for Pune and 3500 for Mumbai shall apply for the return journey and has to be shared by the persons traveling together. Persons wanting to reach Mumbai should book onward tickets in the afternoon as it takes about 5 hours or more to travel from Ashram to Mumbai. For Pune drop, the participants should book onward tickets after 10 am. It is not advisable to book early morning tickets from Mumbai, as this would mean traveling at night. The taxi agency has been selected carefully, but unforeseen accidents do occur. Participants should inform the Ashram immediately in case of any accident or mishap.

The participants can also avail of the bus service from Ashram gate. There are two buses – at 7.30 am and at 1 pm. These buses can drop the participants at Swar Gate in Pune. In addition, the visitors can travel by several other buses from Nive bus stop which is 3 Kms from the Ashram.