Arhatic Sexual Alchemy

Duration : 2 days

Eligibility : Arhatic Yoga Level 2

Having an intimate relationship has been one of the deepest desires of man. Arhatic Sexual Alchemy in this case helps you take your relationship to the deepest level possible a full of pleasure, love, understanding and more importantly spiritual oneness. Using the principles of energy, when union occurs in the highest level possible, in the spiritual realm, the bliss and fulfillment you experience is beyond words. This workshop teaches you how to recognize the divinity within your beloved and to spiritualize your sexual union. This in return will transmute the energy of sex into love, harmony, understanding and more!

After the workshop you should be able to

Arhatic Sexual Alchemy is for those interested in using the power of sacred sex to achieve illumination. It is highly recommended for householders who are pursuing a spiritual path to safely and quickly achieve union with their beloved and ultimately union with God!