As you sow abundantly, you reap abundantly. One grain of wheat sown may come back to you about 120 grains of wheat.

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Master Choa Kok Sui was born into a wealthy family but he was never interested in a life of luxury. His heart was filled with compassion and generosity for those who suffer from pain, poverty and lack of education.

Through the global mission of Pranic Healing, he established several humanitarian projects which feed the hungry and provide healing to the sick. He believed that if you want to inhale, you need to exhale first. When you give, you sow your seeds of prosperity and when you tithe, you need to decree that the good karma will return to you and your family manifold. He ensured that all the funds actually go to help those in need instead of covering operational costs. This ingenious approach has given the opportunity to thousands of Pranic Healers around the world to experience bliss by partaking in healing the communities they live in, thereby making the world a better place.